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Rental Property Manager
rental property manager
Price: $249.50
Rental Property Manager (RPM) is a one-stop database for managing your rental property information. RPM is designed by a property manager to meet your unique needs. It is for real estate professionals and private property investors alike.

Using RPM, you can save and manage data about your properties, tenants, and financial transactions. RPM includes advanced reporting functions that create spreadsheets with the rental information you need.

Is your property portfolio residential, commercial, rural, or varied? Do you have two or three properties, or two or three hundred? RPM can grow with your portfolio. It provides the following functions:

Manage data about your tenants, including:
1 General tenant and tenancy data
2 Link tenants to properties
3 Record and report on financial data for your properties, including:
4 Income
5 Expenditures
6 Automatic Calculate Rents function provides fast updates of who owes you rent
7 RPM Planner provides an event calendar for scheduling property inspections and other events
8 Create reports with practical information about your properties, tenants, assets, expenditures, and more.
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hours clocked
Price: $59.95
We know you've been enduring the agony of converting your time clock cards to payroll data, counting on your fingers to see how much time is between 10:15 and 3:20 and converting minutes to fractions of hours. Well all that's behind you now because we have a solution you're going to like and you can try it out for free. This time clock software can do the job! And there's more, Try it out for 15 days on your system at no cost. Just download it and use it.
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Price: $99.99
OmniSchedule was designed for those managers who wish to effectively and efficiently plan and organize the schedules of their staff on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. OmniSchedule provides a stable and easy to use platform from which employee schedules can be easily built, changed and or updated. Flexible scheduling options allow you to account for split shifts, sick days, maternity leave and various other allowances that are required in scheduling staff.

Its easy to use interface and simple report generation tools give todayÂ’s manager the highly insightful tools necessary for the pragmatic analysis of their business.

Simply to set to up, you can be running reports and planning the activities of your staff in minutes!

Key Features:
Simple and easy to use
Create effective and efficient staff schedules in minutes
Easy to share schedules can be printed or posted to the web
Keep accurate records of hours and activities
Generate meaningful reports at the click of a mouse
Create personalized schedules, meeting room schedules, and equipment booking schedules along with work schedules.
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Cash Forecasting, Cash Solvency, Cash Management
cashflow budgeting
Price: $139.95
Our Excel Cash forecasting and management spreadsheets for 2010 provide three individual must have tools:

1. Cash Forecasting ? 150 days ahead, auto updating daily with Excel.

2. Cash Solvency Forecasting

3. Daily Cash Management.

Cash forecasting for each single 150 day ahead of the current date. Provides a quick and easy way to roll our known payable, receivable and fixed obligations into this Excel spreadsheet, set your known aging days and Excel places each item into the day of expected settlement. Excel handles date sequences by summarizing month end forecast balances. Invaluable for cash burn situations!

Cash Solvency. When you need to know if your suppliers, customers, applicants for credit or maybe your stock investments are likely to go bust use this Excel application to quickly analyze solvency ratios using Altman and Ohlsen formula. No advanced maths required! It is all provided in this solvency analysis workbook.

Daily Cash Management. Delivers a Cash Management Control Register where you can manage all your payable, receivable accounts, the invoice and settlement dates and match forecast balances against your pre-set targets. This workbook helps you manage receivable accounts and payment dates dates to bring cash into line with your daily targets.

Credit Control LinkToMe

Invite our 4,000 financial executive customers to link to you through our mConnect2010 software for better informed credit control.
1. LinkToMe: Receive my news flashes (software provided).
2. LinkToMe: Join my online meetings (software provided).
3. LinkToMe: Private information sharing (software provided).

Complete the form and submit. You can choose just one submit or monthly to reach all new financial managers. Zip file download or select CD edition shipping.

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invetment-calc pro
Price: $139.95

Our complete collection of Investment Calc Excel workbooks. Includes a 30 page Guide fully explaining all the calculations and equations required for time based value of investing.

Ready to use Excel templates provide Present values and internal rate of returns of investment project cash flows, future values of money flows, present values compounded between dates, present values of a recurring amount, present value of periodic investments. ROIC, EBITDA, after tax NPV & IRR of any irregular or periodic cash flows.

Quick NPV and IRR spreadsheets provide present values and IRR of any project for up to 40 years.

Present value of any monthly recurring amount for up to 50 years applying annual rate of increase if required.

Present value of any amount received in the future. Time value of money calculators.

Annual rate of return of investments when price changes are known on a monthly basis.

Annual rate of return of a portfolio with buy/sell transactions on any date. Yield to maturity of bond calculations.

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FastPlan 2010 Five Year Company Forecasting
company forecasting
Price: $139.95

FastPlan provides a complete five year financial plan using Microsoft Excel to create balance sheets, income statements and cash flow forecasts. With FastPlan you can forecast your investment finances, fixed asset purchases, revenues, expenses, balance sheets and cash flows month by month for five years.

Incorporating accounts receivable and payables and inventory and FastPlan produces a complete five year schedule of balance sheets. Monthly depreciation and loan interest and repayment schedules can easily be incorporated into the five year plan.

Outputs include a Management summary covering the five year period containing all the ratios and multiples.

No previous accounting experience is necessary. A tutorial editon in the zip file shows you what goes where..

Users can input five year forecasts outputs into the Company Valuation spreadsheet to value a business using Sales multiples, EBIT multiples and price earnings multiples.

Multiple ratio valuation benchmarks for 2007 are provided so that the user can obtain a current value for a business purchase or sale.

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