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gigatribe premium GigaTribe Premium
GigaTribe is a revolutionary program that lets you share entire folders with friends in a private peer to peer (P2P) environment. Share all your files (home movies, pictures, documents…) no matter how large they are. No one can join your network unless invited. You can dismiss or ban your guests at any time. It's secure and encrypted. Features include: share your folders with a specific group, faster speed with multisource download, password protection for any shared folders, control the upload bandwidth, etc.


NetVizor Network Surveillance
network surveillance
Price: $295
1-5 Licenses
NetVizor is a powerful, award-winning, monitoring and supervising solution for the corporate or personal network. NetVizor allows the administrator to monitor their entire network from one CENTRAL location, with NetVizor's intuitive 'point and click' interface.

Once NetVizor is deployed over your network you can remotely view logs and change the remote PC's settings all from the central location.
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Active WebCam
active webcam
Price: $29

Active WebCam captures images up to 30 frames per second from any video device including USB and Analog cameras, TV-boards, Camcorders and Network IP cameras. The program broadcasts captured content or from your computer or uploads it to FTP server. Broadcasting can be viewed using any Internet browser; no plug-ins or downloads required. The program performs simultaneous recording and broadcasting from unlimited number of cameras. Your camera / cameras can be used as surveillance system. When the program detects motion in the monitored area, it sounds alarm, e-mails you captured images, starts broadcasting, or records video. Live broadcasting as well as recording can be password protected that all video and audio information are scrambled and cannot be viewed without valid password. The program has features to place image overlays and date/time stamp on each video frame, and adjust picture size / quality.
This basic version, doesn't include Motion Detection and Scheduler, doesn't allow to create Archive of Snapshots, and doesn't allow to limit number of viewers on HTTP server. It doesn't include HTTP Server Authorization, HTTP Access Log, Motion Log, Command Line Management, MPEG Video Recording, "Stealth" mode. It doesn't include cameras cycler, FTP Upload recorded video files, encrypted transmission, password protected video clips, limit number of Remote Access clients, authorization for Remote Access clients, and doesn't include users / groups management.
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Express Talk VoIP Video Softphone
Express Talk VOIP
Price: $39
The Express Talk softphone works like a telephone to let you make calls through your computer and you can call anyone via the internet who has installed it (or any other SIP softphone). Connect your webcam or other video device and you can see and speak to family, friends and colleagues around the world. Calls computer to computer are always free. You can also call ordinary 'real' telephone numbers anywhere in the world if you sign up with a VoIP gateway service company. See below for recommended telephone gateway companies. Express Talk is also now available for Pocket PC, so now you can take your VoIP numbers with you wherever you go. Great for people who work outside the office.
Makes voice and video calls free between computers. Supports computer to phone via a VoIP SIP gateway provider. More information on VoIP here. Configures up to 6 lines on the one phone with the ability to put calls on hold. Supports caller ID display and logging. Includes a phone book with quick dial configuration. Integrates with Microsoft Address Book. Supports call transfer. Record phone calls to wav. Allows up to 6 people to join one call using the Call Conferencing feature. Provides easier communication using the Push to talk intercom. Includes Do Not Disturb button. One user Business Edition license can be used for both computer and Pocket PC versions. Supports emergency numbers calling (such as 911, 999, 000).
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VOIP Phone Buddy for SKYPE
VOIZ phone for Skype
Price: $19

"VOIP Phone Buddy" for SKYPE adds automatic telephone dialling to almost any windows application, using SKYPE OUT VOIP telephony, including Microsoft Internet explorer, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft, Access, Microsoft Outlook, Goldmine, ACT, other CRM and Accounts packages etc. Install in minutes. Use with almost any windows software. Cheap national and international SKYPE OUT. Call History logged. Ideal for single users and small businesses.

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