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Media Management

Price: $24.99

VSO PhotoDVD - Create an animated slide show with your digital photos on DVD. As a result you will get an elegant movie with pan and zoom effect easy to share with your friends and family on your home DVD player. Add comments and music too! A great way to save your memories.

Buy PhotoDVD and get:

- Complete version.
- Unlimited access to videos and manuals.
- Become a priority client for multilingual technical support.
- Free upgrades for 1 year including major versions!

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Price: $59.00
MediaIsland allows you to create your own online professional media management system using your existing web site! MediaIsland combines all three of our populare products into one: ImageIsland, AudioIsland, and VideoIsland. MediaIsland resides on the Web inside your personal web site of choice. Best of all, MediaIsland does not require a database, does not use desktop software, and does not require a plugin to run. And does not interefere with your site. And, it is drag-and-drop on the server.

Once MediaIsland is uploaded to your web site, and all the requirement settings have been met, you can begin uploading new media files. Upload as many as ten files at a time. The system extracts metadata and creates thumbnails of your images and videos automatically for you in your web site. The product also comes with a handy loading bar, so you can track upload times. After uploading, you can then assign these files to built in web pages. MediaIsland comes with 19 web page templates, including custom playlists for audio and video libraries. Send your friends links to these web pages by email or from links inside your existing web site, so they can play your files on the Web. You can build hundreds of pages of media files and playlists this way. Supports all the major image, audio, and video formats and media players popular on the web today. You can even turn MediaIsland into an Multimedia Web Portal, and setup 10 user logins and allow your users to upload their own media files to MediaIsland.

MediaIsland comes with all 10 of our media modules, including Manager and WebPage Modules, Security, and Settings Modules. Also comes with 6 Skins, 19 web page Templates plus Playlist, unlimited web pages, security login system, settings section, and much more.

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X-Copy Professional
xcopy professional
Price: $39
X-Copy Professional is the perfect tool to make backup copies of your CD's and DVD's, regardless if they are copy protected or not! X-Copy Professional copies almost any disc in just a few mouse clicks!

Backup and duplicate CD and DVD media in 1:1 mode. Copies or emulates all major game copy protection methods, such as VOB, StarForce, the latest SafeDisc and Securom! All MMC compatible CD and DVD recorders (CD-R/W, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W and DVD-RAM) are supported.

Fast skipping of defect sectors. EFM optimisation to copy "weak" sectors. Works with most hardware, hightly optimized for the finest CD and DVD writers. Track-At-Once, Disc-At-Once and Session-At-Once (RAW - RAW+16 - RAW+96) recording modes. Supports UDF file system mastering (UDF 1.02, 1.50 and 2.01) and ISO9660 file system mastering (including Joliet UNICODE extensions).

Copies single-layer DVD's, even console DVD-Games and Video-DVD. Copy protected movie
DVD's can only be copied with DVD43. The movies will not be modified (compressed), but one-to-one copied. Format/Erase/Finalize CD's and DVD's. Copies from CD/DVD drives, HardDrive or Virtual Drives. Supports Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Media Center Edition, Vista or newer operating systems.

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PicaJet FX
picajet photo
Price: $59.95

PicaJet Photo Manager helps you automatically manage 1000s of your digital photos in seconds. It's impossible to list all the features that PicaJet offers here. Photo indexing is faster than other apps, and PicaJet allows you to selectively index folders or files at any time. PicaJet allows you to review and edit photos the way you prefer, not pigeonholing you into an awkward interface. For example, you can view photos the way you prefer: by folders, by ratings or comments or keywords. You can also show or hide various aspects of the interface at any time - often with a keyboard shortcut. Want to toggle the panes in favor of a one photo or an all thumbnails view? Just hit the Tab key.
Most every feature is just a keyboard shortcut away. Photo editing is fast, easy, and preview-able. You can save in all the major file formats, including .PNG. But PicaJet really shines when you expand its use beyond mere viewing and editing. PicaJet allows you to manage multiple albums, not just one or two. If you have a large photo collection and need an efficient way to organize it, PicaJet Photo Organizer is a must-have utility.

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Orbatel Internet Satellite TV Software PC-TVS 2160
pc tv media player
Price: $39.95

The 2160 PRO is the ultimate PC TV media player. It's based on the latest technology, and it’s packed with an unbelievable amount of features. The 2160 features a user-friendly detachable remote control that gives you superior functionality. It comes preprogrammed with thousands of internet satellite TV and radio stations from around the world. So once you download this software to your computer, you can begin enjoying free TV in style.

What’s more, the 2160 is very easy to use. You can quickly modify the channels list with the touch of a few buttons. You can resize your player instantly to turn your PC into a virtual TV to increase your viewing comfort. And the 2160 delivers outstanding precision and maximized speed. It’s simply the best, most comprehensive PC TV media player on the market!


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