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DB Audio Mixer & Editor
db audio mixer and editor
Price: $39.99

DB Audio Mixer & Editor is a visual audio files editor for sounds and music recording, playing, editing, mixing, applying various audio effects and filters, format conversion and more. With this tool, you can easily create your own music, using your computer's microphone or other input device, and record your own voice, guitars, drums... anything. You can then mix, edit, add special sound and filter effects to your music! You can even rip tracks from CDs and convert from one audio format to another, all via a simple and user friendly graphical interface!

Key features:

Supports over 12 audio formats including the popular MP3s, WMAs, WAVs, Oggs, AIFF and many more. Import/export from one format to another.

Open and work with as many simultaneous sound files as you want. Perform unlimited Undo/Redo operations for each files. View a graphical waveform image or a spectral view of an audio file.

Zoom in/out, allowing you to see the small details and work on a specific section of the audio file. Easily edit, cut, paste, and mix your audio files visually.

Play an audio file or record from a microphone or from other input device. Apply sixteen different sound effects/filters such as amplify, fading, volume normalization, stretch, frequency equalization and more.

MixPad Audio Mixer
Price: $39.95
MixPad is multi-track mixing software designed for professional audio production. It lets you load or record audio clips and mix them together. You can place them at different times, adjust volume, pan the audio or fade in or out. It is the digital replacement of using a multitrack recorder and mixing desk. This music mixing software allows you to create remixes and mashups as well as add your own recorded audio. Key features: Unlimited track mixing, Intuitive, simple graphical interface, supports a number of file formats including wav (multiple codecs), mp3, vox, gsm, real audio and more, dDrag and drop files easily to Mixpad, includes a CD ripper to load audio direct from a CD-ROM, iIntegrated with WavePad sound editor so you can edit, apply sound effects to the clips and much more.
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Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus
acoutic labs
Price: $44.95

The Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus is a powerful and versatile multitrack recorder, editor, sequencer and mixer allowing users to create professional quality audio productions. Audio loop creation, sequencing and mixing are also fully supported. The multitrack recording capabilities are perfect for producing music and a variety of other audio production needs. In addition to full support of audio loops the Acoustic Labs Multitrack Plus also includes realtime effects, highly precise editing capabilities, drag and drop technology for sequencing audio snippets, and many other great features.

Magic Music Studio Pro
magic music studio
Price: $34.95

Not only can you use Magic Music Studio Pro to grab music from a CD, but also record audios, in virtually any format. Stop there, and burn your improved, converted audio files to disc. Or use the advanced audio editor to create your own music and songs that you can transfer to CDs, or share it with your friends in party. With Magic Music Studio Pro you can:
1. Digitize a sound recording to the hard disk, in a way that is suitable to record it on an audio CD
2. Record audio data from a microphone or other available input device.
3. Display a waveform window of an audio file and apply zooming.
4. Edit audio files visually and apply various effects as well as different filters to any selected portion of audio files.
5. Convert an audio file from one format to another.
6. Digitize a sound burning to the hard disk, in a way that is suitable to burn it on an audio CD.

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AV Music Morpher Gold
av music morpher
Price: $99.95

Helps you do almost anything with music: Play, change music and tempo, add advanced effects, remove/extract voice, enhance music quality, mix multi tracks, record, convert, rip and burn CDs, design CD covers and labels, organize music library, and more.
Key Features:- Voice Remover and Voice Extractor, Multitrack Editor, 2-Dimensional Voice Changer, Advanced Morpher, A Huge Effects Library, Effects Mixer and Edito, Digital Audio Recorder, CD Burner/Grabber/Organizer.

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Audio To Video Mixer
audio to video mixer
Price: $29.99

Audio to Video Mixer is a video editing tool to mix audio files into video. It can remove original sound from your home video, add background music, narration or more sound tracks to the video.
Key features:
Support many audio formats such as WAV, MP3, WMA, AC3, OGG, MPA, MP2, AU, AIF, SND, etc, and video formats MPEG, VCD, AVI, WMV, ASF, OGM, DIVX, DAT etc.
Convert audio and video to AVI. Convert MPEG to AVI, MPG to AVI, VCD to AVI, WMV to AVI, ASF to AVI, OGM to AVI, DAT to AVI, etc.
Configure the volume, start time, playback speed and repeat properties of each audio file.
Open compression system for video and audio, support different codecs such as DivX, XviD.
Change video file size, encoding bitrate, frame size, codecs, and adjust the video aspect ratio.
Join video files into one large avi file.


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