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System Utilities

AMUST Registry Cleaner

Fixing computer slowdowns and stopping them from crashing

registry cleaner
Price: $29.99

AMUST Registry Cleaner introduces a new approach to Windows registry maintenance that combines the latest technology and deep knowledge of the system registry to reach an unparalleled level of system performance and problem resolution, while being absolutely safe to use.

AMUST Registry Cleaner rapidly scans your registry for any problems and safely gets rid of them in minutes, keeping your registry clean.

Registry Cleaner's features:
- error removal
- windows registry fix
- performance augmentation

AMUST Registry Cleaner engine is built on SmartScan(TM) technology that provides for analysis of every vital part of the registry to find problems and bottlenecks that interrupt normal system operation.SmartScan(TM) is based on a sophisticated algorithm that provides for error prone problem detection and resolution, making it an ideal instrument for registry repairs.

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system sleuth
Price: $29.95
SystemSleuth is a feature rich computer surveillance program that secretly monitors all activity on your computer. You can view the encrypted logs locally or have them sent to any email account. SystemSleuth allows you to view emails, passwords, instant messages, webcam images, printer activity, visited websites, microphone sounds, keyboard activity, and much more. With the time lapse screenshot feature you can fast forward, rewind, and pause the results, just like a movie. Now you can finally see what your loved ones are really doing on the computer when you are not around.
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Total Spy
total spy
Price: $49.95
Total Spy - the all-in-one spy program which
- intercepts everything that is typed on keyboard;
- controls started applications and active windows;
- monitors visited URLs;
- scans Windows clipboard for changes;
- makes invisible screenshots every xx minutes;
- writes this all to hidden folder on a hard drive;
...and this program is absolutely invisible for everyone except you. You will only have to press the unhide key combination to show the keylogger.
Find out all secrets: passwords, mails, internet navigation etc.!
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Safe-n-Secure File Encryption
fiel encryption
Price: $14.99

Can you think of a file on your computer that you wouldn't want a co-worker to see? What about a family member? What about your boss? Let Safe-n-Secure File Encryption take all your sensitive files and add password-protected file encryption to those files.

With drag and drop protection, it's the easiest way to password protect your files with 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest encryption algorithms available. Safe-n-Secure File Encryption supports ALL file types. If you can save it, we can password protect it.

256-bit AES Protection
Password protect your files and folders using the 256 Advanced Encryption Standard, one of the strongest encryption algorithms available.

Scheduled Backup Reminders
Setup Safe-n-Secure File Encryption to remind you to create a secure backup of all your files & folders, thus protecting you from disk failure.

Find Protected Files and Folders Quickly
Safe-n-Secure File Encryption lets you choose descriptive keywords when you're adding files. Combined with our descriptive keyword search, findingthe file you need in an instant is a snap.

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Price: $89.95

PrivacyKeyboard for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP is the first product of its kind in the world that provides every computer with strong protection against spy software, both known and unknown, currently in use or presently being developed worldwide.

PrivacyKeyboard automatically deactivates all running spy modules on your PC without using any signature bases.

PrivacyKeyboard software has unique features that favorably distinguish it from other anti-spy products:

- No signature base
- Protection against windows text capturing
- Protection against keystroke capturing
- Protection against clipboard capturing
- Protection against active window screenshoting
- Protection against desktop screenshoting
- Protection against hardware keyloggers
- Full UNICODE support
- Immediate and constant "on-the-fly" protection.

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